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Security Settings

The Security System is used to prevent unauthorized access to such items as, Financial Reports, Checks, Invoices, and more. Agency Systems uses four levels of security for each function; View, Entry, Edit, and Global.

Each menu item is assigned a level from 0 to 9, which is then compared to the current Operator's Security Access level to determine if they have access to the menu item. If the operator's security number is greater than, or equal to the assigned security level, the operator can perform the function.

Typical settings are:

  • 2 - View only
  • 4 - Enter data
  • 6 - Edit data
  • 8 - Delete data
  • 9 - Global Access required for some utilities and special functions.

Agency Systems defaults all Security Items to 0000. This means that all users, because they would have a Security Level greater than 0, have authorization to all functions.