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The accounts current report is a statement of the invoices due to a company or group of companies.

The report includes:

  • The policy number and the name of the insured.
  • The class and transaction codes of the invoice.
  • The dates of the policy sequence and information on the billed premium and commission.
  • The report finds invoices based on the invoice date.

The report does not include:

  • The report does not include money paid to the company.
  • It is also not a list of invoices that have not been paid.

See Report: Company Statement to include money paid to the company in the company balance.

Access and Window Options

The Accounts Current can be opened by selecting Company -> Accounts Current.

Access to the Accounts Current is controlled through the security system A/P -> Accounts Current -> View setting.


  • Select a Sort By... method.
  • Enter a Start Date and End Date. The date range is by month, and is inclusive.
  • By default, all companies and departments are included. Enter a specific code to limit the results.
  • If binder transactions are enabled, optionally select Transactions -> Invoices / Binders / All. (Profiles -> Agency -> Accounting Setups)

Report Examples

Each company included in the report will start a new page. The final page of the report will total all company sub-totals.

Direct Bill - Sort By: Client Number

Example: Accounts Current - Client Number.pdf


Direct Bill - Sort By: Policy with Invoice

The Agency Commission column is replaced with an Invoice Number column.

Example: Accounts Current - Policy with Invoice.pdf


Direct Bill - Sort By: Class Of Business

Each company includes sub-totals for Class of Business.

Example: Accounts Current - Class Of Business.pdf