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Premium volume can be expressed in two primary ways:

  • Current active policy production by policy using policy effective/expiration dates.
  • Total invoiced production by invoice using the invoice date, for a specified period. (Typically month-to-date (MTD) or year-to-date (YTD))

Either report can be grouped with sub-totals by class, company, producer or more.

Active Policy Production

  1. Select the Management Tab.
  2. Select the Operator, Company, or Class tab.
  3. Select All Summary.

(The list can be exported to Microsoft Excel. Right-click the words Active Policy, and select to Copy List, then paste into an empty spreadsheet.)

For more information, see: Management Tab.

Invoiced Production

Third-Party Integration

DataView is a premium reporting package designed to give the agency owner (or manager) a simple, reliable way to monitor and manage agency production, retention, and efficiency, with an easy-to-use Agency Dashboard.

See: DataView Integration for more information.