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The balance sheet displays all Asset, Liability, and Capital accounts as of the end of the selected month. Year-to-date profit and loss is summarized in the Profit and Loss account.

See automatic monthly reports for additional month-end reporting options.

Access and Security Options

The balance sheet can be opened by selecting Reports -> Balance Sheet. (Requires Security System: G/L -> Balance Sheet -> View)


Report Window Options


The balance sheet can be run for only the current agency code, or for all agencies. (Requires Security System: G/L -> Consol Balance Sheet -> View)

Press <delete> to remove the agency filter. All agencies in your data will be included unless the agency type is set to Test.

When the agency filter is removed, the Detail section below is enabled.


The report can be run for one department, or all departments. To include all departments, remove the selected department filter by pressing the <delete> key.


Select the month and year for the end date of the report. The report automatically uses the fiscal year begins agency setting for the starting year-to-date filter.

When a date range is selected, all days within the selected month are also included.

Compare With

For each amount shown, compare to last month’s amount, budgeted amount, or neither. See Budget Maintenance for additional details.


If the agency filter above is removed, and the report generated for all agencies, the detail filter is made available.

  • Show agency detail: Each GL account for each agency will be shown individually.
  • Combine agencies: Matching GL accounts between agencies will be shown as a combined value.