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The producer statement is a balance forward statement showing the amount due to a producer or group of producers within a given date range.

You can view the report in a single line or in a detailed mode to see the specifics of the balance. The balance due is compiled from invoices, cash, checks, and journals.

Balance Forward vs. Open-Item Accounting

Newton by Agency Systems can handle both balance forward and open-item accounting.

In a balance forward accounting system, all payments and invoices are applied against the total balance owing on the account. In balance forward accounting, you make no attempt to specifically pay the individual invoices. The payments simply reduce the total balance owed by the amount paid.

In an open-item accounting system, all payments are recorded against specific invoices. Reconcile Producer Payables will only show invoices still due to the producer, where the client has paid or the company has paid in full, or in part. Reconcile Producer Payables can be used to pay the trust amount, or only a portion of the total amount due, based on the receivable balance. All payments are applied directly to invoices, allowing the agency more specific reporting, and control.

Access and Window Options

The Producer Statement can be opened by selecting Producer -> Producer Statement. (The producer statement is also available as one of the automatic monthly reports.)

Access to the Producer Statement is controlled through the security system A/P -> Producer Statement -> View setting.


  • Start Date and End Date: All items prior to the start date will be represented by the starting Balance Forward amount.
  • Producer: Enter a Producer Code to limit the statement to a single producer. If no code is included, all producers will be included.
  • Include Producers with zero balance: If selected with Detail Level -> Summary, will hide any producer with a 0.00 ending balance. If selected with Detail Level -> Detail, will not include producers, unless transactions are recorded within the date range.
  • Detail...: Enables additional options, and determines if only totals, or individual transactions are included per producer. See Report Examples below for more information.

Report Examples

The primary difference between reports is determined by the Detail Level. A summary will produce a short report, with only totals for each matching producer. A detailed report will start a new page per matching producer code, including transaction detail.

Detail Level -> Summary

Example: Producer Statement - Summary - Hide Zero Balances.pdf


Detail Level -> Detail

Example: Producer Statement - Detail - Hide Zero Balances.pdf

The report includes a new page for each matching producer.


The final page is a summary for all matching producers.