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The client profile represents the initial client or prospect record for an insured within Newton. Prior to entering policy information, a client profile must first be created. Clients can be created manually, through rating integration, or through download.

Before entering a new client or prospect into Newton, you should always search existing clients first to avoid creating duplicates.

Before You Begin

Access to view the Client Profile requires the current operator to have Security System: Profiles -> Client -> View access.

Ic info black 24dp.png See: Security System for more information.

Create a Client

Before creating a new client code, first verify a similar code does not already exist. Select Find Client from the Newton main menu to search for existing clients.

  1. From the Main Menu, select Setup -> Client. (For General Agencies select Setup -> Agent (Client))
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Leave the client number field as *AUTO*. The next client number can be changed in the Agency Profile.
  4. Enter the Name for the client. This name will appear in drop-down selection lists when entering data, or running reports.
  5. Press <TAB> to step through the DBA, address, and contact fields.
  6. Enter the default Producer code or enter * for a list. The client producer will default as the policy producer for new policies.
  7. Optionally enter the default Sub Producer code or enter * for a list.
    Ic info black 24dp.png Sub-Producers are assigned to clients, and to invoices in order to split commission. Commission Download will automatically assign client sub-producers to new Direct Bill invoices.
  8. Optionally enter the default CSR code or enter * for a list.
  9. Select the Line Type of commercial or personal lines. You can also select Broker-Billed for outside agents who write through your agency.
    Ic info black 24dp.png This does not restrict the type of policies and forms the client can have. Home and Work numbers change to Phone and Fax for a commercial client.
  10. Select the Details tab.
  11. Optionally select any User Codes or other marketing fields.
  12. Select Statement Delivery if client's statement will not be delivered using agency default.
  13. Select Client Status of Client or Prospect.
  14. Select Save. (Requires Security System: Profiles -> Client -> Entry access.)
  15. Select Exit.

Edit a Client

  1. Load a Client on a Client Tab.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Enter or modify any desired values. (Example: Name, related to, contacts, active status, prospect status).
  4. Select Save. (Requires Security System: Profiles -> Client -> Edit access.)
  5. Select Exit.

Delete a Client

Deleting a client should not be done if the client code has ever been used for any policy or accounting transactions. Instead, Edit the Client and change Details tab -> Client is Active? to No.

  1. Load a Client on a Client Tab.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Select Delete. (Requires Security System: Profiles -> Client -> Global access.)
  4. Confirm Yes.
  5. Select Exit.

Client Profile Screen

From the Main Menu, select Setup -> Client. (Optionally select Edit from a Client Tab)


Client Profile Toolbar
  • Find: - Find a client using the Client Keyword Search.
  • First: - Skip to the first client.
  • Previous: - Skip to the previous client.
  • Next: - Skip to the next client.
  • Last: - Skip to the last client.
  • Create New: - Create a new client.
  • Edit Codes: - Opens the User Code Profile Menu.
  • Delete: - Delete client profile.
  • Wiki: - Wiki Help Documentation.
  • Save: - Save the current profile item. (ALT + S)
  • Exit: - Exit the profile windows. (ALT + X)

Active Status (Active or Inactive)

Deleting a client should not be done if the client code has ever been used for any policy or accounting transactions. Instead, Edit the Client and change Details tab -> Client is Active? to No.


Client Status (Client or Prospect)

After a prospect is converted into a client, the client profile should be edited and the Client Status changed from Prospect to Client.


Related Clients (Cross-Reference)

Client profiles can be related to each other, allowing the operator simple one-click access to multiple client tabs.

Ic info black 24dp.png See Client: Related Clients (Cross-Reference) for more information.

Contacts Tab

Contacts can be viewed from the Client Profile, or from the Client Dashboard.

Ic info black 24dp.png See Client: Contacts (Create, Edit, or Delete) for more information.

Insureds Tab

Only available if Line Type -> Broker Billed is configured in the client profile.

Each client profile, configured as type Broker, can contain a schedule of insureds which are assigned to policies for the client.

Ic info black 24dp.png See Client Dashboard for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I recover a deleted client?

I accidentally deleted a client from Agency Systems. How do I re-enter the client without losing all policy details and activity?


Deleting a client should not be done if the client code has ever been used for any policy or accounting transactions. Instead, Edit the Client and change Details tab -> Client is Active? to No.

A client with accounting transactions can not be deleted. If a customer is deleted by accident, restoring the profile is easy.

First, locate the deleted customer number.

  1. Select Reports -> Other -> History Reports.
  2. Select Report by... -> Report by action.
  3. Select the Start date and End date for when the client was deleted.
  4. Select Action... -> Deleting items.
  5. Select 'Preview....
  6. Find the action item and the corresponding client number.

Next, create a new client profile using the customer number.

  1. Select Setup -> Client.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Delete *AUTO* and enter the deleted client number.
  4. Select <TAB>, then Yes when prompted to create the client.
  5. Enter the missing information for the customer profile. (The policy details and activity will be restored automatically).
  6. Select Save, then Exit.
  7. Load the restored client on one of the Client Tabs.

How do I export client addresses for Christmas cards?

Is there a way to extract from Newton to CSV/Excel etc a list of customers and their full address so that we can produce mailing list for Christmas Cards?


Listed below are step by step instructions to produce a client list exported to Excel for active clients.

Export All Active Client Email Addresses Excluding Prospects.

Once the list is in Excel, you can delete the columns you don't need. To remove multiple contacts from the CSV file, see below.

Report: Client Query Wizard: Remove Multiple Contacts From CSV.

In addition, Newton can print mailing labels directly, without first exporting to Excel.

Print Mailing Labels For All Active Clients Excluding Prospects.

How do I correct the county for a client?

We were wondering where the county pulls from on the Client Screen. We have a church with a zip code of 64804 that pulls up Jasper County but it is in Newton County. How can I change the county?


Many zip codes will span multiple counties. In order to display the correct county code for a client with a multi-county zip code, enter the full zip code plus the four digit zip extension.

The additional 4 digit extension will accurately identify and display the correct county on the client's basic tab.

How do I delete a duplicate client?

Could you give me instructions on how to delete duplicate client screens? I have accidentally set up the same new client twice and would like to get rid of one of them.


If a client has been used in accounting, they can't be deleted. First move any policies from one client to another, then mark them inactive to hide the client from search lists and downloads.

If the client does not contain any accounting data, select the "Delete" button on the client profile screen.

How do I track a customer contractor license expiration date?

How do I enter and keep track of a customer contractor license expiration date?


The simple way is to enter a diary item, with the suspense date set to the expiration date, assigned to whomever in your office is responsible for keeping up with the license information.

It is useful to use a unique diary category in order to easily create a printable list for all open items.