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Rating integration in Newton is primarily handled through exported or imported download .AL3 files. To export an .AL3 file to one of the rating vendors, the policy must be downloaded first.

EZ Lynx and ITC Turborater are the only exceptions offering a different integration path other than .AL3 files.

Not all vendors provide two-way integration between their software and Newton. The comparison chart below lists the type of integration offered.

Rating Integration Comparison Chart

Vendor Export From Newton Import Into Newton Integration File Type
AccuAuto No Yes Download .AL3
ACS2000 Yes Yes Download .AL3
Evolution (Capital Rating) Yes Yes Download .AL3
EZ Lynx Yes No Completed ACORD .PDF Forms
IBQ Yes Yes Download .AL3
ITC Turborater No Yes ITC .TT2 File
PL Rating / Silverplume (Vertafore) Yes Yes Download .AL3
SEMCAT (Applied Rater) Yes Yes Download .AL3
WinRater (Boston Software) No Yes Download .AL3

How Does Rating Integration Work?

Any vendor offering integration through standard .AL3 files work similarly. For non-standard .AL3 partners, the rating integration process is outlined on their individual pages.

Exporting From Newton

The specific rating bridge must be configured first. Select the desired vendor from the chart above for specific instructions. Once the desired bridge is configured, follow the steps below.

  1. Load a Client on a client tab.
  2. Select the Download tab.
  3. Left-Click the (+) band to expand the desired policy number.
  4. Right-Click on the bottom or most-recent downloaded transaction and select the configured Upload to ... option.

Importing Into Newton

Any incoming file is processed through the standard download management system. The files should be placed in the same \Empire\Download\ folder used for daily downloads.

If the rating vendor supports launching an external program automatically, an optional program is available that will move the files to the correct download destination automatically.

The program will be located at \Empire\Programs\QueueDL.exe. To use QueueDL.exe, pass the file name to the executable.

For example, from the command line: S:\empire\programs\QueueDL.exe C:\filelocation\somefile.al3

It will briefly show this window, then vanish in a few seconds; it requires no user interaction.


The files can now be imported through the normal daily download process.