PL Rating Integration (Vertafore)

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Ic info black 24dp.png Required Software Version: November 2014
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The PL Rating comparative rating integration is based on standard .AL3 download files.

In order to export files from Newton -> PL Rating, your agency must be be downloading policies from your carriers.


Configure PL Rating Import from Newton

  1. An admin user for PL Rating must log in.
  2. Select Admin -> Manage Agency Information.
  3. Select the Products Tab.
  4. Select Eclipse in the right hand menu. Select Next and Finish/Ok.
  5. Log Out of PL Rating.

Configure Newton Export to PL Rating

  1. Select Setup -> Upload Configuration. (If unavailable, contact Agency Systems Support to enable the upload configuration options.)
  2. Select New.
  3. Select Upload to PL Rating.
  4. Leave all defaults. Select Ok (Note: Only Home and Personal Auto Policies can be uploaded from PL Rating).


Export a File from Newton -> PL Rating

Only policies previously downloaded from insurance carriers can be exported from Newton to PL Rating.

  1. Configure Newton Export to PL Rating.
  2. Load a client on one of the client tabs.
  3. Select the Download tab.
  4. Left-Click the (+) band to expand the desired policy number.
  5. Right-Click on the bottom or most-recent downloaded transaction and select Upload to PL Rating.
  6. The PL Rating web page will automatically launch.
  7. Enter the log in information and install the plugin if prompted.
  8. Select Import in the top left corner. (If the button is not visible, see Configure PL Rating Import from Newton.)
  9. Leave all defaults options. Select Import in the top right corner.
  10. A message may display stating certain fields are undefined by PL Rating. Select OK.

Export a File from PL Rating -> Newton

  1. Configure PL Rating Import from Newton.
  2. Log into PL Rating.
  3. Select a Client.
  4. Select the desired Home or Personal Auto Quote.
  5. Select Export Quote Data.
  6. Verify the following parameters are configured: (Once configured, these settings will be saved for future use.)
    Connect Partner: Eclipse
    Export File Name: C:\Amsrack\Integrat\Eclipse\Amsexport.al3
    Execute File Name: T:\Empire\Programs\QueueDL.exe (Substitute T: with the drive letter for your Newton installation.)
    Execute Params: C:\Amsrack\Integrat\Eclipse\Amsexport.al3
  7. Check Execute Enabled then select Export.
  8. Newton will briefly show this window, then vanish in a few seconds; it requires no user interaction.
  9. The quote can now be imported through the normal daily download process from any machine in the office by selecting Company -> Download. If the download management system was already open, the import process starts automatically.
  10. Select to either use an existing client, or create a new client.
  11. The system will automatically assign a unique quote number. Optionally a number can be manually assigned.
  12. Enter the Company Code for the policy. Select Ok.
  13. The file has now been processed.