Report: Client Query Wizard: Print Mailing Labels For All Active Clients Excluding Prospects

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The report below will output mailing labels for all active clients in Agency Systems. Prospects are not included, however that step can be skipped if desired.


The mailing label output format provides a single result per client sorted in the selected order. (The mailing labels display in the Avery Standard 5160 format with 10 rows and 3 columns.)

For each client, the following values are included: Client Name and Street Address. (The name and address will be replaced with the first contact/driver when the Birthday filter is used).

See Report: Client Query Wizard for additional details.


  1. Select Client -> Client Query.
  2. Select General Client Query. Select Next.
  3. Select Additional Filters.
  4. Un-check Select prospects. Select Ok.
  5. Select Next.
  6. Select a Sort Method, then select Next.
  7. Select Output Format -> Mailing Labels. Select Next.
  8. Select the number of labels per client, then select Next.
  9. Select Finish.