Invoice: Override Payee On Invoice (Mortgagee Invoices)

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Ic description black 24dp.png Newton User Guide: Accounting - Invoice/Billing
Ic info black 24dp.png Required Software Version: Spring 2017
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The client name and address will display on a printed or emailed invoice. If the invoice will be paid by someone other than the client, such as the mortgagee, the payee on the invoice can be modified using the override payee feature.

Before You Begin

Access to edit an invoice requires the current operator to have Security System: AR -> Policy Transaction -> View and Edit access.

Ic info black 24dp.png See: Security System for more information.

Override the Payee on an Agency Bill Invoice

Client Tab - Open an invoice
  1. Load a Client on a client tab.
  2. Select the Accounting tab.
  3. Double-Click the invoice line to expand the details.
  4. Left-Click the first invoice line to open the invoice in Policy & Billing. (Invoices can also be opened from the Invoices tab, the Policy Dashboard or directly from Policy & Billing.)

  5. Select Invoice Payee -> Set Override.

  6. Select the payee name and address from the existing profiles or enter the override text. Select OK.

  7. Policy & Billing will display the saved override text. This text will replace the default client information when the invoice is printed or emailed. The override details are also displayed within the Policy Dashboard.

  8. Select Print or Email to generate the final invoice. (Example: Invoice-overide.pdf)
  9. Select Exit to close Policy & Billing.

Ic info black 24dp.png See: Policy & Billing and Invoice: Create An Invoice for more information.