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Ic info black 24dp.png Required Software Version: September 2015
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A voucher is a non-policy related invoice with expense distributions, typically entered as vendor payables or payroll payables. Voucher invoices are created when an expense is received, and can be paid immediately, or at a later date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Voucher Transaction: Navigation

Select Vendor -> Voucher Transaction. (Requires Security System: AP -> Voucher Transaction -> View)


Voucher Transaction Menu Options

  • Create New: Create a new voucher.
  • History: View transactional history for a voucher.
  • Delete: Delete the current voucher.
  • Template: Create a recurring voucher template for future use.
  • Reports: Shortcuts to the Check Register, Check Summary, GL Detail and Income & Expense reports.
  • Wiki: Opens the help documentation on the Newton Wiki for the voucher transaction screen.
  • Save: Save a new voucher, or make changes to an editable voucher.
  • Exit: Close the voucher transaction window.

Voucher Transaction: Create

A voucher can be created from the Vendor Tab, or from the voucher transaction screen. To create or use a voucher template, see the section below.

  1. Select Vendor -> Voucher Transaction.
  2. Select a Vendor Code. This value will pre-fill if Create Voucher is selected from the vendor tab.
  3. Verify the Payable G/L. This value will pre-fill from your Agency profile, and is typically 2130: Vendor Payable.
  4. Select a Payable Date.
  5. Optionally enter a vendor invoice reference number and voucher description.
  6. Enter the total Payable Amount for the voucher.
  7. Enter the General Ledger Code or General Ledger Account Name, Department, and Amount for the first distribution.
    Enter name of the account, and the drop list will filter only items with partial or complete matches.
  8. Repeat the process for each line until all general ledger distributions are entered. (At any time, select the red X to the right of a distribution to remove an entry.)
  9. Select Save when done to create the voucher.

See: Voucher Transaction: Payment below for payment details.

Voucher Transaction: Create From Template

Voucher templates are used to pre-fill the voucher distribution details when creating a new voucher. Multiple templates can be saved for each vendor.

To create a voucher template, enter the voucher details, and select Template. Enter a name for the template, and select Ok. (This will not create a voucher, only the template.)

See: Voucher Transaction: Sample Voucher Templates.

After a template has been created, enter a Vendor Code, then select the Voucher Template from the next drop-down.


Modify any values and verify the date and description. Select Save when finished.

Voucher Transaction: Payment

When a voucher is created, the Agency Systems will automatically prompt to pay now, pay later, or pay multiple.


Select Pay Now to create a regular or wire check to pay a single voucher. Enter the check details, and select OK.


Select Pay Multiple to create a regular or wire check to pay multiple vouchers for the same vendor. Select the desired vouchers, enter the check details and select Apply.


Voucher Transaction: Delete

A voucher can be modified or deleted if voucher payable date general ledger month is open, and if no payments are attached. (Requires Security System: AP -> Voucher Transaction -> Global)

To remove a payment from a voucher, first load the voucher list on the Vendor tab. Expand the voucher and left-click on the payment to open the check transaction. Select Void to remove the voucher payment.

After all payments are removed, simply select Delete on the Voucher Transaction toolbar.