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Why doesn't my invoice #99968 show in reconcile receivables?

While reviewing a clients policy, I noticed a duplicate invoice #99968 on my policy. When I try to reconcile receivables, it does not display in the results.
Why does the unpaid invoice not show with a balance?


Invoice numbers starting with 999999 and counting down are assigned to quotes. Invoices saved to quote records do not affect the general ledger, and will not create receivable or payable balances.

The quote will need to be converted to a policy using the instructions below:

Training 3: Entering Policy Information

If the quote has already been converted to a policy, the quote invoice can be safely ignored.

How do I track clients who have not paid?

Is there was a way to track client payments we are waiting on once the invoice has been sent to the customer?
Currently we print two copies of the invoice - one that is mailed to the client and one for an "outstanding invoices" folder that we hold and use to check off payments as they come in.


Each time an invoice is entered on an agency bill policy, a receivable is created for the client. The Aged Receivables report under the A/R menu will track any outstanding payments due from agency bill clients with the use of a date range filter and other data filters, and can also be used for commission due from direct bill carriers.

For more information regarding Agency Bill invoicing, see: Agency Bill.