Producer Payables: Include Producer Commission in Payroll Check

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Ic info black 24dp.png Required Software Version: September 2015
Ic settings backup restore black 24dp.png Legacy Instructions Available: Click Here
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The process below outlines all steps required to include producer commission on an employee payroll check, including any non-policy related general ledger deductions.

One-Time Setup

Create a New Bank Profile

Create a new Bank Profile, number 999, named Producer Payable Bank. (Any bank code can be used, other than the operating and trust accounts).

Create a Vendor Profile For Each Producer

Create a Vendor Code for each Producer.

Create an Employee Payroll Voucher Template For Each Vendor

Create and store payroll check template for each vendor code created above.

Part 1: Clear Producer Payables Using Reconcile Producer Payables

The first part clears the Producer Payables balance (GL-2120) on invoices and records the wire check to bank 999.

  1. Select Producer -> Reconcile Producer Payables.
  2. Enter the Producer's Code.
  3. Enter the desired Start Date and End Date for the invoices to be paid. Select OK.
  4. Right Click -> Pay All Trust Amount to pay all invoices listed, or select individual invoices to Pay this Invoice Trust Amount.
  5. Select the Payment Details button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Change Bank Code to 999.
    • Change Check Type -> Wire Check.
    • Enter a Description.
    • Write down Total Amount shown on the bottom-right corner of this window. This amount will be needed for the payroll check. Select OK.
  6. Select Perform Reconciliation.
  7. The system will display "Check Number 999-WXXXX has been created.". Select OK.
  8. The system will display "Reconciliation complete". Select OK.

See: Reconcile Producer Payables for more details.

Part 2: Include Producer Payables Commission on Employee Payroll Check

The second part will create a voucher using the vendor code and employee payroll voucher template created in the one-time setup above.

  1. Select Vendor -> Voucher Transaction. (Requires Security System: AP -> Voucher Transaction -> View)
  2. Enter the Vendor Code for the producer.
  3. Select the Voucher Template from the next drop-down.
  4. Modify GL code 1100 - Sub GL 999. Enter reconcile payable amount from Part 1.
  5. Continue to Modify GL distributions on the template until the voucher total equals the amount of the employee's payroll check.
  6. When finished, select Save.
  7. When prompted, Select to Pay Now, or Pay Later to pay the voucher with a physical or wire check.