Client Refund on Overpayment or Credit Balance

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Use the procedure below when you have received a cash payment over the amount of the invoiced items, and you wish to create a check for the overpaid amount. The process will apply the extra cash to the invoice, and create a refund check to the client/agent.

If the refund check is due to a cancellation or credit endorsement, see: Create and Process Return Premium Invoice Due to Cancellation or Endorsement.

If the refund check will be placed on account, and not applied to an invoice, see: Create Client Refund Check - On Account (Optional).

Overapply On-Account Cash to an Invoice

To skip this step and place the refund amount on account, see Create Client Refund Check - On Account (Optional) below.

  1. Load a client on one of the client tabs.
  2. Select the Accounting tab.
  3. Double-Click to expand the Cash Receipt. (If the invoice viewed from the client's account tab already shows the credit balance, skip to creating the client refund check.)
  4. Left-Click the Cash Receipt number.
  5. Note the total Unapplied Amount of the Cash Receipt.
  6. Select View and Left-Click any one of the invoices listed that the cash item is already paying.
  7. When the Choose Action box appears select Edit.
  8. <TAB> to the Amount Applied field and enter the new Combined Amount.
    Combined Amount = Current Amount Applied + Unapplied Amount of cash receipt. (From Example: 700.00 + 300.00 = 1000.00)
  9. Select Accept. Answer Yes to Re-apply Cash to invoice.
  10. Select Exit then Close.
  11. The unapplied amount for the cash transaction should now be zero.
  12. Exit the cash transaction screen and refresh the account tab. The credit will now be applied to the invoice.

Create Client Refund Check

A client refund check to GL-1120 will be created through Reconcile Client Receivables.

  1. Load a client on one of the client tabs.
  2. Select the Accounting tab. The return premium invoice will be listed with a credit balance.
  3. Select Reconcile Receivables on the top toolbar.
  4. Verify the date range includes the overapplied premium invoice.
  5. Deselect Create or use existing cash transaction since we will be creating a check transaction.
  6. Select Ok.
  7. Right-Click on the invoice, and select Pay This Invoice In Full.
  8. Select Payment Details at the bottom of the reconcile window.
  9. Change the action to Create A New Check Transaction To Pay.
  10. Enter the details for the check transaction, and select Ok.
  11. Select Perform Reconciliation to create the check and pay the client balance.

Create Client Refund Check - On Account (Optional)

A client refund check to GL-1120 can also be created through Express Checks. The Express Checks interface allows the operator to place the refund amount on account, without needing to apply the balance to a specific invoice.

  1. Load a client on one of the client tabs.
  2. Make a note of the client number in the client drop-down box.
  3. Select Accounting -> Express Checks.
  4. Enter the Bank Code for the check.
  5. Change the check type from Regular to Wire or Don't Print if desired.
  6. Select the Date for the check.
  7. Enter the GL 1120 by keying the code, or selecting the drop-down.
  8. Enter the Sub GL as the client number noted above.
  9. Enter a short Description.
  10. Select the Manual button within the toolbar at the middle of the window. .
  11. Change Apply To -> On-Account.
  12. Select the Department Code.
  13. Enter the Amount.
  14. Select Ok.
  15. To add additional department distributions, repeat the steps above. When finished, select Cancel.
  16. The check is now complete.
  17. Select Print to print the check, then Exit when finished.

See: Express Checks: Create an On-Account Check for additional details.