Error: Policy Already Exists

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Ic info black 24dp.png Required Software Version: Spring 2017
Ic settings backup restore black 24dp.png Legacy Instructions Available: Click Here
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A policy number in Newton can represent a policy, quote or binder, and must be unique.

During the change policy number process, if the New Policy number matches an existing policy, the message "Error: Policy %PolicyNumber% already exists" will display.

Scope Of The Problem

This message can occur if the policy is already in the system under a different client, or the same client. First use the Policy Keyword Search to attempt to locate the policy, and determine the entry error.

If the change policy number process was interrupted and the message "Error: Policy %PolicyNumber% already exists" displays when the change process is attempted a second time, use the steps below.


Ic info black 24dp.png Only use the steps below if the change policy number process was interrupted and the original policy still listed on the client.

  1. From the Main Menu, select Accounting -> Policy & Billing.
  2. Select Policy -> Find Policy or Quote.
  3. Enter the Policy Number. Policy numbers are case-sensitive and typically use capital letters.
  4. Select OK. The policy details will load.
  5. Verify the policy sequence number above the Transaction code and to the right of the policy number lists 99. (If not, contact Agency Systems support.)
  6. Select Policy -> Delete Transaction. (Requires Security System: AR -> Policy Transaction -> Global access.)
    If prompted to "Delete this invoice?", select No and contact Agency Systems support.
  7. When prompted to "Delete this policy?", select Yes.
  8. Close Policy & Billing.
  9. Repeat the change policy number process.