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Newton by Agency Systems can download package policies for both personal and commercial lines.

Scope of the Problem

Kemper Preferred offers package policy downloads, however the default policy number format can cause issues. For Kemper, the different coverage pieces of the policy package are sent as individual policy downloads, instead of a single policy download with all risk contained in a single transaction. Both policy downloads are sent with the same number, resulting in the two items overlapping.

Policy Download 1: 111222333
Policy Download 2: 111222333


As a solution, an alternate policy package AL3 download format can be requested by the agency. The Vision format will instead append a coverage letter indicator to the policy number, making each of the policy downloads unique.

Policy Download 1: H111222333
Policy Download 2: A111222333

The appended letter will result in a unique policy number for each coverage, and both items will show up individually in Newton.

To request the recommended format, contact the Kemper Preferred download department and request the Vision format.

If required by their download support team, the form listed below can be submitted.

Kemper Preferred - Vision Data Format Request.pdf