Requesting Policy Download Data From Companies

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Policy download is an effective way to keep your database up to date with data directly from your carriers. The information below describes the process of initiating download with your companies. In general you will need to contact each company you want to initiate download with, and follow their procedures to get the files sent to you.

What companies download with Agency Systems?

Agency Systems is certified with hundreds of companies. The link below will take you to a comprehensive list of these companies. We make every effort to keep this list up to date, but your companies will be the best resource on the types of downloads they offer. Our recommendation is to contact each company you want to receive download through for the latest information.

Click here for a complete list of certified companies

Why do I have to contact my companies to get download files?

Due to privacy laws, such as Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Patriot Act, HIPPA, and others; agents must make the request for the files from the insuring companies.

Who do I contact at my companies?

Many companies will have a technical or download integration department that will facilitate your download setup. If you are not sure who to call at the company in many cases your marketing representative for that company will be able to point you in the right direction.

What do I tell the companies?

IVANS Y Account

When you call your carriers, they will let you know the process they have in place. In general you will want to let them know you want to initiate download, provide them your IVANS Y-Account, and tell them your management system.

What is IVANS, and what if I don't have a Y-Account?

IVANS can be thought of as the post office for your downloads. A majority of companies will send your download files through IVANS. The Y-Account is essentially your agencies post office box where you want all your downloads to route. If you do not have an IVANS Y-Account you will want to request from a single carrier that they provide you a Y-Account. Once you get the account back from the company you will then provide that to all your other companies.

IVANS Transfer Manager

The company is requesting an IBM Machine Address. Where do I find that?

The IBM Machine Address is not used for Agency Systems. Any download setup form that marks this as required you may leave it blank. Simply provide them your Y-Account, and Management System.

What if a company does not use IVANS?

There are a handful of companies that provide their own applications to download your files. Some examples are Progressive, Erie, Mercury, and State-Auto. These are compatible with Agency Systems. The companies will provide support for their applications and will help you facilitate the setup. The main items that the company will need is the management system name, and the download path. For most offices this path will be the s:\empire\download. Please contact support if this exact path is not available for your setup. We will help validate the correct location for the files.

Alternative Download Managers

What product name do I tell my companies?

Most companies will have some paperwork that will ask for the vendor, product name, and version. You will want to provide them with the items listed below. If you come across a company that does not have Agency Systems as a listed vendor, please let us know so that we begin the certification process immediately.

Vendor: Agency Systems
Product: Newton
Version: All

I received a Welcome Kit and they have a Codes List the company says has to be entered before they will send the download files?

Agency Systems handles codes lists differently. We use the AL3 standard to map these codes for you. You may tell the company that you have already dealt with the codes, and to please send the download files. During your download training the trainer will walk you through the simple single time setup of those codes.

I am changing systems and already receiving downloads. Do I need to do anything?

If you are currently receiving downloads, you will need to call your carriers and let them know the change in management systems. This will help open up the support chain in the event we need to work with you and the carrier on a download issue. Agency Systems support will contact you at the appropriate time depending on your live date to assist in pointing your download managers to Agency Systems.