MyInsuranceDashboard Release Notes: December 2013

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Email Notification

Email notification will now be sent to the contact enrolled in MyInsuranceDashboard when a new version of the certificate is published from Newton or the Agent Portal. If the client was never enrolled in MyInsuranceDashboard, and you published from the certificate in Newton, the customer will receive the enrollment email rather than the certificate published email notification.


Updated Certificate Version 2014/01

The next release of Newton will include the new ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance (2014/01). has been tested and updated for full compatibility with the new version of the form.


Documents Tab

The documents tab has been reorganized to provide a few different methods for customers to obtain their documents quickly. When the customer views the documents tab, the Documents and Uploaded Documents sections will be collapsed. This provides a clean view of the page, and increases performance for large lists of published documents.

Policy Documents

Policy Documents are published attachments for active polices. If the policy is inactive, the attachments will be visible in the documents section for two years. The users will select the button next to the policy to see a listing of documents for that policy.



The documents section is a listing of all attachments published within the last two years excluding client-uploaded documents.


Uploaded Documents

Uploaded Documents is a listing of all documents uploaded by the client to your agency.