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Newton by Agency Systems can send faxes using an existing fax printer, or through email if the agency uses an e-fax service such as Metrofax, or Myfax.


Method 1: Fax Printer

Many offices already have existing fax machines that are configured as printers on their workstations. When a document is sent to the fax printer, the installed third-party printing software prompts the user to enter the fax number. Using this method, any program can send printable items to the fax machine including Newton.

Method 2: E-Fax

E-fax services work by signing up for an account with a third-party provider, then emailing a document to the fax service including the recipient’s fax number. The fax service converts the attachment into a fax, and sends it on your behalf.

For Example
Client fax number = 979-846-3370
E-fax service = Metrofax
Email Address = 9798463370@metrofax.com

The e-fax address can be entered into Newton as a “Fax contact”, either on the client or company. Sending a document using an e-fax service would simply require selecting the existing fax contact, or entering in the number on the compose email window.


Ic info black 24dp.png See: Email for more information.

Batch Send

Regardless of the method used to send the faxes, the faxable documents can be produced with a single feature within Newton called Batch Send.

Batch Send is a powerful feature that allows you to group Memos, Forms, and other Attachments together. The selected items can be sent in batch to the printer, fax printer, output as a .PDF, published to My Insurance Dashboard, or sent as an attachment in an email message.


The fax action within batch send can include a fax cover page with the document package.


Ic info black 24dp.png See: Batch Send - Create fax package for more information.