Error initializing mapi: Component M Caused: A (TSession.OpenAddressBook)

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Scope Of The Problem

You receive one of the two error messages below opening the compose email window in Agency Systems.

Error initializing mapi: Component M Caused: A (TSession.OpenAddressBook) Default Profile=
Error initializing mapi: Component MAPI 1.0 caused: An unexpected error has occurred. (TSession.OpenAddressBook) Default Profile=

Release Build 6286 and prior:


Release Build 6560 and future:



There is a problem with the MAPI component within Microsoft Outlook. The problem can be repaired using the built-in Office repair function.

  1. Exit Microsoft Outlook and Agency Systems.
  2. Select the Start Menu, type "Programs and Features" in the start search field and select the result. (For Microsoft Windows 8, type the text on the start screen/tiled interface.)
  3. Left-Click to select Microsoft Office in the list.
  4. Select Change in the top toolbar.
  5. Select Quick Repair then select the Repair button.
  6. After the process completes, the error message should no longer occur within the compose email window.