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I had a virus, and now I cannot open .PDF files or memos. What do I do?

I had a virus on my computer, and now I cannot open .PDF files stored inside of Agency Systems. When I select a file to open, my Adobe Acrobat Reader displays a message stating the files are corrupt.
Also, any memo document displays gibberish instead of the previously stored text. What do I need to do?


If you are ever the victim of a malware attack, it is important to notify us immediately. There are critical steps that must be followed, and while we cannot perform the service, we can provide support for your technician.

There are specific kinds of malware that encrypt attachments such as images, and documents. The Crypto Locker virus makes most attachments impossible to access, while other files are left untouched. Sometimes a complete restore is not even necessary, only requiring attachments to be recovered from a backup.

To perform a partial Agency Systems restore:

  1. Remove the malware threat.
  2. Make a copy your current data or at least insure it is renamed to prevent overwriting it.
  3. Locate your most recent unaffected backup, and verify the attachment data is complete and of the date you expect.
  4. Overwrite only the attachments, instead of the entire Agency Systems data directory.

If the steps above are not followed, and the current "live" data is not copied or renamed, an in-place full restore by your tech can be problematic for many reasons.

  • You cannot know for sure you have a viable backup until you restore, and overwriting current data (even with known problems) with corrupt or incomplete data could present even greater problems.
  • Sometimes your current data can be repaired and copying over it eliminates the opportunity to repair it.

Invalid login message opening Agency Systems

My login to Newton isn’t working. I put in the agency code, my operator code, and password and it tells me “Invalid Login”.
Can you tell me what my password is?


We do not know what passwords are assigned to the users. Your logins are created and maintained by your office. We can't help you to log in, as that would bypass the system security. Please check with the person at your office who manages Agency Systems for you. If they can't get it reset for you, the system administrator (in your office, not an outside network/computer person) can call us and we can help them to reset it for you.

All operator passwords can be reset from Profiles -> Producer (Operator).