AccuAuto Rating Integration

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Ic info black 24dp.png Required Software Version: November 2014
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The AccuAuto comparative rating integration is based on standard .AL3 download files.

AccuAuto cannot currently import files exported from Newton.

Export a File from AccuAuto -> Newton

  1. Contact AccuAuto Support to enable the AL3 bridge.
  2. Complete a quote in AccuAuto.
  3. Select the Vendor -> ACORD AL3 option.
  4. Newton will briefly show this window, then vanish in a few seconds; it requires no user interaction.
  5. The quote can now be imported through the normal daily download process from any machine in the office by selecting Other -> Download. If the download management system was already open, the import process starts automatically.
  6. Select to either use an existing client, or create a new client.
  7. The system will automatically assign a unique quote number. Optionally a number can be manually assigned.
  8. Change the Company Code for the quote if desired. Select Ok.
  9. The file has now been processed.