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Ic info black 24dp.png Required Software Version: September 2015
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A policy number in Newton can represent a policy, quote or binder, and must be unique.

Many items in Newton are attached to a policy number including:

The steps below outline the process of converting a quote into a policy with the same or different policy number.

Convert A Quote To A Policy

  1. Load a client on one of the client tabs.
  2. Select the (+) next to Policies. (To expand the band by default, see: Preferences)
  3. Left-Click the desired policy number to open Policy Express.
  4. Select Policy Tasks -> Convert Quote or Binder to Policy.
  5. Verify Policy Type -> Policy is selected.
  6. Policy Number: There are three policy number options when converting a quote to a policy.
    • Select Autonumber to convert the policy to a unique system-generated number. Do not use "TBD" for a temporary number.
    • Leave the existing Policy Number and the system will add a new transaction onto the quote.
    • Enter a new Policy Number, and the system will create the policy, or add a new transaction onto the entered number. Policy numbers are case-sensitive. Typically, letters are entered as capitals.
  7. Verify or update the Policy Effective start and end dates.
  8. Verify the Account Current date. If the quote was invoiced, the converted policy will automatically be invoiced and posted to the general ledger as of this date.
  9. Select OK.

The updated policy will be visible within the Policies band on the Client Tab. If the policy number changed during the convert process, the quote number is automatically marked as Replaced and hidden from the policy list. To include replaced quotes, Right-Click and select Include Replaced.