Forms: New York Driver ID Card Configuration

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The New York State provided bar code software is not required when using Newton.

Items needed to complete New York ID configuration: (

  • New York Company ID Codes and NAIC codes
  • Your New York Issuer License Number.
  • Your New York Issuer Key.

Configure Your New York Issue Number and Key

The issuer key is configured once per agency.

  1. Load any client on any of the four Client Tabs with an active policy.
  2. Left-Click any policy number listed under the Active Policies band.
  3. Select Create Item -> Form.
  4. Select the first form in the list, and select Ok. (The selected form can be any form)
  5. Select Other -> Configure Forms...
  6. Select NY ID Config...
  7. Enter a valid Issuer License Number and Issuer Key. (
  8. Select Ok then Close.
  9. Exit the ACORD form, selecting No to save if prompted.

Assign a New York State Code to a Company Profile

The list of New York State issued codes can be found here:

  1. From the main Newton window select Profiles -> Company.
  2. Select Find and select the desired policy company. Select Ok to load the company details.
  3. Enter the company's NAIC Code and NY ID Code.
  4. Select Save then Exit.