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Commission Builder

Newton's Commission Download is an invaluable tool for the modern agency. Some carriers, however, still do not offer downloadable statements. Commission Builder offers an easy way to create a batch of invoices for the our agents still receiving paper documents.

Enter a batch of invoices from a single screen, instead of loading each client and policy individually, automatically calculating agency and producer commissions as you go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Initial Statement Setup

  1. From the main Agency System's menu select Company -> Download ->Pending tab.
  2. Right-click on a blank/white area of the screen, and select New Commission Builder.
  3. Put in the Company you received the money from.
  4. Date the money was received.
  5. Add a Description.
  6. Check Number for check received from company. For companies that direct deposit the money use EFT.
  7. Put in the total Premium the company is paying commissions on.
  8. Put the Commission dollar amount of the check received.
  9. Check Make a Cash Transaction if you want a cash receipt to be created, and mark the invoices as paid select this option. Otherwise only the invoices are created, and not reconciled showing what company paid.
  10. Click OK.

Adding Lines

  1. Select the Add Lines button. This allows you to enter each item as it appears on the commission statement from the company.
  2. Type in the Policy number and select policy.
  3. To attach the invoice to a specific transaction, hit the Seqs button and select accordingly.
    To insert an Audit into a prior policy term, select Seqs, click to highlight a transaction from the prior policy term, select OK. The transaction used for Audit (AUD) can now be entered.
  4. If the transaction was not found a new sequence may be created, you can type in Transaction, and Policy Effect/Expiration dates for the new transaction.
    If REN is entered, the policy effective and expiration dates will automatically extend to a new policy term. The policy term should only have one renewal sequence per policy term.
  5. Once you have completed all items for that policy you may select one of three options, “Save And Add Another,” “Save And Exit,” or “Don’t Save, Exit.”
  6. Select Save and Exit when finished adding lines.
  7. Select Show Errors....
  8. Clear any remaining Commission Notes and Errors.
  9. If required, select Payment... to enter any Direct Bill Commission Adjustments.
  10. Close the commission builder download to return to the pending tab.
  11. Right-Click on the pending commission builder download and select Release this Item.
  12. Right-Click on the pending commission builder download and select Process this Item.

In a single step, Commission Builder will create (or use an existing) a cash transaction, create the invoices, and apply the cash/check transaction to the invoices.