Unable to Open File @:\EMPIRE\STATIC\LOOKTAB

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Scope of the Problem

You receive the error message "Unable to Open File [@:\EMPIRE\STATIC\LOOKTAB] Error Code (3012)" opening Newton by Agency Systems.



The shortcut to Agency Systems has been altered by the workstation to a UNC path instead of the mapped network drive.

  1. Select Start -> Computer / My Computer.
  2. Verify the mapped network drive is connected to the share on the server by double-clicking to open the share. Typically the drive letter is listed as APPS (\\SERVERNAME) (S:).
  3. Once the connection is established, close File Explorer.
  4. Right-Click on the Agency Systems icon and select Properties.
  5. Correct the following fields replacing S: with the network drive letter used on the workstation.
Target:   S:\Empire\programs\nempmain.exe
Start In: S:\Empire\programs\