The Report Writer Has Returned An Error. Print Failed, 545

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Scope Of The Problem

You receive the following error message when printing from Agency Systems.

The Report writer has returned an error.
Print Failed, 545 (Error in File S:\EMPIRE\REPORTS\CSHREC1.RPT:
Request cancelled by the user.)


The drive letter and file name may be different depending on your configuration, and the selected report. (From Example: S: and CSHREC1.RPT).


The selected printer is not properly installed or configured. For client/sever or workgroup users, contact your IT professional to install and configure your printer outside of Agency Systems.

If you are hosted with Ajasent or ACP, additional printer software is required to enable printing from the hosted system.

Other Considerations

It is possible that either the report file is corrupted, the custom report file is outdated, or Windows folder permissions need to be reset. Contact Support for assistance.