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How do I advance pay a producer their commissions?

How do I advance a payment to a producer for their commissions prior to receiving the company commission check?


Reconcile Producer Payables provides an option to overpay one of the listed invoices, which can be used to advance pay commissions.

For Example: Producer PWS is owed commission, plus an advance of $500.00.

  1. Start Reconcile Producer Payables for operator PWS.
  2. Right-Click and select to Pay All In Full or Pay All Trust Amount.
  3. Right-Click on a paid invoice and select Payment Details.... It will display the amount being paid, based on the commission for the invoice.
  4. Change the Amount to Pay from $50.91 to $550.91. (Substitute for the amount of the advance, in addition to the commission.)
  5. Select OK and complete the reconcile process. (For more information, see Reconcile Producer Payables.)

The next time Reconcile Producer Payables is processed, that overpayed invoice will show the balance as a $500.00 credit, reducing the total commission owed on other invoices.