Report: Policy List Report: Quotes Not Converted to a Policy

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This article outlines the steps to run a report that shows quotes that have not been converted to a policy.

Since the policy list report will only report on the last sequence/transaction for a given policy number, if a quote has already been converted, it will not display on the report.


  1. Select Reports -> Policy List Report.
  2. Select the desired Report By... sort method. (This is the order of the results).
  3. Select Date Method -> Effective Date.
  4. Enter the desired Start Date and End Date. (Example: for all 01-2019 to 03-2019 effective quotes enter 01/01/2019 to 03/31/2019)
  5. Un-Check the following items listed under Company Status:
    • Renewed
    • Replaced
  6. Select Policy Type -> Quote
  1. Enter any additional desired codes for a specific company, class, producer, department or any other reporting option. All items are included by default.
  2. Select Preview or Print.