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Reconcile Payables now includes a batch processing option for both companies and producers. The batch process will search all companies or producers in the date range specified, and save a reconcile in progress for each individual code. The individual payables can then be adjusted if necessary, or processed with a single step.

For example, all producer payable reconciles can be paid with a single action, creating an individual check for each producer code.

Access to batch reconcile payable requires the following security:

Batch Create Company or Producer Payables

  1. Select one of the payable menu options:
    • Select AP -> Reconcile Payables Batch -> Batch Create Company Payables
    • Select AP -> Reconcile Payables Batch -> Batch Create Producer Payables
    The batch create window will display, pre-filled with the default reconcile start and end dates. (AP -> Reconcile Payables -> Other -> Change Default Dates...)
  2. Enter an amount in the Ignore if Payment Below field to limit the matches to a minimum payable value.
  3. Select to either Pay Full Amount, or Pay Trust Amount.
  4. Enter the default bank code for all check transactions, and the default check type. (These can be changed individually for each matching payable).
  5. When finished, select Ok. The system will automatically search for all company or producer codes which meet the selected criteria.
  6. When finished, a summary page is displayed for each code. The report also includes codes which do not have any matching invoices, or codes with a balance below the required amount (credit balance).
  7. Select Ok to view a complete list of all codes with a payable balance.

Each matching payable is now saved as a reconcile-in-progress. (If desired, the window can be closed, and the process resumed at a later date.)

Batch Process Company or Producer Payables

  1. Select one of the payable menu options:
    Select AP -> Reconcile Payables Batch -> Batch Process Company Payables
    Select AP -> Reconcile Payables Batch -> Batch Process Producer Payables
    The batch process window will display showing all pending batch reconcile payables. (If no items are listed, first create a company or producer payable batch.)
  2. Right-Click -> Edit Reconcile... to view all details for an item. The Reconcile Payables window will open allowing for invoice adjustments, invoice line detail, and payment detail modifications.
  3. Select the desired items to process, or click Select All to select all pending reconciles. The total payment amount and earned commission (GL 2110 - Company Payables Only) will be calculated and displayed at the bottom of the window.
  4. Select Process Selected to complete the reconcile for each selected item, creating a physical check or a wire check for each item. (Select Cancel Selected to remove all items.)
    Example: Individual checks created for each payable sub-gl.
  5. When finished, select Yes to transfer any earned commission between bank accounts. (GL 2110 - Company Payables Only)
    Complete the Bank Transfer to transfer the earned income between accounts.
  6. Close the Batch Process Reconciles window when finished.