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The steps below outline the processes of creating or editing the Evidence of Property with Certificate Holders and/or Property Interest.

Before you begin

Access to create and edit an existing forms requires the current operator to have Security System: AR -> Policy Transaction -> Entry and Edit access.

Ic info black 24dp.png See: Security System for more information.

Ic info black 24dp.png Prior to creating a form, a client with a policy must already be entered into the system. See Create A Policy for more details.

Adding Properties with Evidence of Property Information

  1. Search for and load the client or prospect.
  2. On the Client Dashboard tab select the (+) next to Properties.
  3. Select Add Property. (Optionally, click on the property name to edit an existing property).
  4. Enter in the property address information.
  5. Select Choose Property Interests.
    • Use Copy Interests to copy any interest saved on the client.
    • Use Edit Interest to globally edit an interest already saved to the property.
    • Use New Interest to add a new interest profile.
    • Use Find Interest to select a saved interest profile.
    • Use Remove Interest to remove interest from property.
  6. Add any required file attachments to interest.
  7. Select Close after all interests are added.
  8. Select the Description tab.
  9. Enter in the Location Description or select Import Address. (Note: This will appear on the Evidence of Property Location/Description section).
  10. Optionally, select the Additional tab to check When printing ACORD 27 (or ACORD 28) override coverages with property values to set override values.
  11. X to close once complete.
  12. Select Save to save the Property.

Creating ACORD 27 or 28 Evidence of Property

  1. Search for and load the client or prospect.
  2. On the Client Dashboard tab select the (+) next to Policies. (To expand the band by default, see: Preferences).
  3. Left-Click the desired policy number to open the Policy Dashboard.
  4. Select Create Item -> Form from the policy dashboard toolbar.
  5. Select the desired form and select OK.
    The list can be filtered by typing the name of a form, or the number of a form.
    Enter "truck" for trucking application, or "25" for the ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability. The entered filter can be viewed in the title bar of a window.
    To clear the filter, press <backspace>.
  6. An empty form will open with the agency and client details pre-filled when applicable.
  7. Select Save.
  8. Select Choose Properties from the top toolbar. (Optionally, use the Choose Properties button at the bottom of the form).
    • Use Select to choose property with interest.
    • Use Edit to edit a property or property interest already saved to the Certificate.
    • Use New to add a new property with property interest.
    • Use Remove to remove property from Certificate.
    • Use Print to print a list of all properties and property interest on the Certificate.
  9. Select Close after all properties are added.

Printing or Emailing Evidence of Property

  1. Select Print from the top toolbar.
    • Use Check All to select all interests.
    • Use Uncheck All to de-select all interests.
    • Use right-click to Check Holders with Email (Optionally, use Ctrl+E).
    • Use right-click to Check Holders without Email (Optionally, use Ctrl+W).
  2. Select Print or Email to generate the Evidence of Property for specified interests.
    • Use Export to export selected interests to a spreadsheet.
    • Use Printer to change default printer.
    • Use Preview to see a PDF of the Evidence of Insurance for each selected holder.
    • Use Cancel to return to the Evidence of Property.

Click here for more information on emailing Certificates with form and / or holder attachments.