Direct Bill: Create A Check For Return Commission

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Commission Download and Commission Builder can create check transactions as of Newton Release: March 2014. If your software has already been updated, skip to the section below.

If the option to create a check is not available with Commission Download/Builder, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the commission download/builder details.
  2. Select Edit Details… -> Payment.
  3. Select Do Not Make or Use cash.
  4. Select Ok.
  5. Release and process the download.
  6. Create a Check Using Reconcile Receivables

Create a Check Using Reconcile Receivables

  1. Select Company -> Reconcile Company Receivables (Direct Bill).
  2. Enter the company code, and verify the date range is broad enough to find all invoices.
  3. Deselect Create or use existing cash transaction.
  4. Select Ok.
  5. Right-Click on any item, and select Pay All In Full.
  6. Select Payment Details…
  7. Select Create a new Check transaction to pay.
  8. Verify the check type as either Wire or Regular. (You do not need to enter an OA department or OA amount)
  9. Select Ok.
  10. Select Perform Reconciliation.

Create a Check Using Commission Download or Commission Builder

Commission download can create a check transaction or use an existing check to pay return commission. Agency Systems will automatically detect a return commission balance and change the default pay option from a cash transaction, to a check transaction.

To view or change the check details, select Edit Details -> Payment.


To use an existing on-account check, select Use an existing check transation.


Enter the bank code and check number, or select search to find the on-account check.