The Easy MAPI COM Server is needed to use MAPI in a "Cross-Bitness" environment

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Scope Of The Problem

You receive the error message below opening the compose email window in Agency Systems, or attempting to attach an email using drag-and-drop.

The Easy MAPI COM Server is needed to use MAPI in a 
"Cross-Bitness" environment (=where the bitness of the MAPI 
dll is different than the bitness of the host application)!

The library containing the COM Server is not registered and 
therefore cannot be found. Please contact your software 
vendor, which can copy the required 'RwEasyMAPI64.exe' 
and/or 'RwEasyMAPI32.exe' to this system and register it by 
executing it once using administrative rights and '/regserver' 
(without quotes) as parameter.



The version of Microsoft Office installed on the workstation is 64 bit. (This does not apply to the Windows Operating Systems, only Microsoft Office).

During the workstation installation, the 64 bit email component must be installed.

Open a command prompt as Administrator.

Enter the following commands, where "s" is network drive location of Agency Systems. Press <Enter> after each line. 
cd empire 
adduser.exe /64 

Follow the prompts to finish the installation. For addition setup questions, see: Workstation Installation Instructions.