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How do I handle drivers removed from policies using download?

When a new driver is added, they are automatically updated on driver list in Agency Systems.
Can the system not be told to mark an existing driver as inactive when they are removed?


In Newton by Agency Systems, drivers as well as vehicles, property, and equipment belong to the customer, not to the policy. It is common to have several auto policies in effect, each sharing the same list of drivers.

When a download is processed and a driver is no longer listed, Agency Systems does not automatically change the driver (or vehicle, etc) to inactive.

A Download Alert can be created to notify the operator to the change, with shortcuts to update the client as needed.

  1. Select Other -> Download.
  2. Select the Pending Tab.
  3. Right-Click and select Download Alerts. (If not listed contact support.)
  4. Select New....
  5. Select Scheduled Item Change, then Next. Select Look for vehicle changes and Look for deleted items.
  6. Select Next. (Optionally have the same alert check for deleted vehicles and property as well, or create additional alerts.)
  7. Select any additional filters, then choose to either send an email alert, or create a diary (suspense).
  8. Select the recipient information, and enter a name for the alert. Select Next then Close.

How do I process new business downloads that are actually rewrites?

When one of our CSR’s rewrites a home/auto policy with a different company, it comes in through download as a new policy type, not the desired renewal type.
At the agency level, our producers are paid a different commission rate for new vs. renewal. Currently the CSR’s are creating a dairy reminder to change the new business type to renewal after it is received.
Is there a way for Newton to recognize what is truly new business vice something that was canceled with one company and re-written with another?


The process will work well, assuming all users remember to do the process.

Newton also provides a "probable rewrites" report available through the MyNewtonCampus Add-Ons interface.

  1. From the Management Tab, select Reports -> MyNewtonCampus Add-Ons.
  2. Select Policy -> Probable Rewrites.
  3. Enter a Starting and Ending policy term effective date range.
  4. Select Run Report.

For more information, see Add-ons - Policy Reports: Probable Rewrites

Since the policy will download a few days after it is entered on the company website and the commissions won't download for another month or longer, as long as the policy transaction is changed before the commission download is run, the producer will receive the correct commission.